Digital Business Card


Interactive Digital Business Card

Business cards are a staple of the corporate and professional world and which shows all of your contact details in a single location. Like the same, it is essential to also use digital business vcards where you can show all of your contact details in one space, make more popular with your business. In the digital era, Globe Communication will help you to make a unique and stunning digital business card that is easy to create and share.

You digital business card share online in a single click. Along with Call, Email, Whatsapp, Navigation, you can enhance your card with interactive elements. If you’re willing to use up the potential of digital business cards, a file that contains essential information on you and your company, contact us. We have a different type of digital business card based on templates, business categories, industry, etc. As everything has gone digital, if you have your digital business vcard then you are free to rummage around a drawer overflowing with business cards that are required during interaction with anyone.

Benefits of Our Digital Business Card


A digital business card is fit in ecological environment, because there is no need cut tree for the paper. A virtual card that keeps the environment safe and secure for healthy breathing of pure air, so this card is eco-friendly. Moreover, it prevents deforestation.

Multiple Languages

Multiple languages is the best features that we offer in our virtual card. This will help you to target your local area, if you have any local business. Customers show more trust in your business just because you use your native language i your digital card.

Always with you

We work hard every day to make Globe Communication India’s most trusted and best service brand in digital business card making. We never left our clients or customers after the finish of his work.

Media content

We use media content in your digital business card, means we use trending topic related content. This will help you to increase more searches of your business and traffic to your business automatically.

Important Links

When we make your business card, we will take care of putting all your basic links on the card like, social links, emails, website url etc.



Get real-time analytic report of your virtual card, when you card viewed and what links were clicked, how many times they download the card and sending it. We gather all the information of your contact and also of the person and keep they organised in a single address, where we can access the detail from anywhere and anytime.

Viralize your content

Your digital vcard get viral after the Sharing on all social network or by email quickly in a single click, and effectively. We create branded business card for you at a minimum cost.

Location Map

We will give an advance feature of location in your business card that helps people and your contact to see the location of your business on the map.

Social Access

In digital era, people are more active on social media platform, we provide social media acccess to your digital vcard that help to grow your business on social platforms, people can reach your business via social sites

First Impression

We always listing “Fist Impression is Last Impression”, this concept used in your business card. We make your digital card very attractive and with stunning look, so the people can attract to see your vcard and they can click on your business card.

Types of Digital vCard

  • Business Contact vCard

    A business card help business Owners, & entrepreneurs frequently to share their visiting cards can now use Digital Business Card to share their personal and business contact details.

  • Profession Specific vCard

    Personal business card or digital vCard templates help for Professionals like Architect, CA, Consultant, Digital Marketer, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Advisor, Artist, Services & more.

Whom Digital Business Card is Beneficial?

Business Owners

A digital business card has helped potential clients remember you and the business. If you have a well made, attractive and easy to read business card it will take you to the next step, as you promote your product/services.


If you want to market and sell your goods or service to your prospective customers in person (one to one meeting) or at least you do telephonic conversations, digital vcard play an important role for you.

Software & IT

A digital business card offers the printing flexibility in changing the layout of your card according to your business needs. Moreover, a business card is a good way to share and gather contacts from your clients or consumers.

Marketing Agencies

Our card costs are within budgets of start-ups and other small and medium companies and it allow you to making your contacts interactive and embed different functions and features into a card.


If you want to market and sell your goods or service to your prospective clients uses a Digital Business Card, choose the best plan for your business needs.

Events and Travels

There are tangible benefits of using digital business cards with latest and updated contact numbers, addresses and emails are available without having to go through the extra effort.

Finance & Realtors

It helps your profession with have complete information about events like Call, Email, Whatsapp, Navigation, Website Link, Payment, Social Links, Maps and more.

Education & Training

Our vcard will help you to share your professional detail for Corporate Trainers, Educational Workshops, HR Consultants and Teachers.

Health and Beauty

You can meet your prospective customers in person to sell your products or services related to Gym, Beautician, Salon, Dietician, and Image Consultants Yoga & Dance Professionals.