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Voice Over Services in Every Language

We offer multilingual professional voice over services in India. We provide a great range of comprehensive voiceover production and subtitle translation services that suit your production and budget. What makes Glob Communication unique is our offering of translations by our much experienced in house translation department? We work with professional mother tongue voice over actors to ensure you, that your media can be enjoyed by audiences in all over India. We reach out to local intermediates working where your target audience is your project manager’s work to select the best and most fitting actors available. Glob Communication guarantees for great quality translations and voice over recordings that suit any context.

We take care of this by working of native speakers of Indian states with unmatched quality and in lower quote allow us to provide high quality voice talent with fast turnaround time our voice-overs and recordings, whether it’s a single voice in one language or dozens of voices in multiple languages are produced in a professional state.

Types of Trending Voice Over styles

Why Glob Communication is Best

Pre-Screened Professionals

Glob Communication have professional voice over actor who have proven commercial VO experience, and ready to deliver fast and reliable results virtually or in studio every time.

Our Network

We offer extensive global network of talents and collaboration in over 30 languages with numerous studios that allows us to find native talents in exotic languages. We offer the services that may not be offered by most other companies.

Full Service

We provide end-to-end voice over service including transcription, translation, subtitling and video editing, or any other type of post production which you have or you can think - we can handle it!


Online Direction

If you are interested to listen in on the session, just schedule a call with your talent of choice through our message board and direct them in real-time from the comfort of your desk. It’s that easy!


We can deliver most projects within a few hours. But few projects may take longer as they are larger but we are ready to take on any challenge, in a rush? Contact us today for better service!

Quick Casting

Quickly find the right voice actor and with more diversity through our deep search function. We have native/local talents in every language, and we cover every style so you are guaranteed to find the perfect match!

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