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WhatsApp Business Service Providers

Reach 2 billion users and connecting with your customers by using WhatsApp Business solutions. Connect to your users through our Omni-channel Inbox; it is a valuable and powerful messaging channel for high volume business to customer support and notifications.

Scale your messaging solution

At Globe Communication a Whatsapp Business Solution service provider in Jaipur, enabling small companies to scale their customer service. If you are using this api then you can send messages to people who initiate a chat with your business. By the use of Whatsapp Business API you can send customised notifications with relevant, non-promotional content, who request that you send them information via WhatsApp.

When someone messages your business you are able to respond your customers of their questions or comments for free with in 24 hour after recieving message. If you will send any message after the 24 hour (after the last customer response), you will pay a minimal charge.

At present aroung 90 large size businesses use this api including Uber, MakeMyTrip and they have received positive feedback from customers who have enjoy this as a chat app. This api used for the product recommendations, order updates, and customer service. At recent Whatsapp Business Service used for inbound traffic for Sale Stock, and the company has found that customers read 90% of delivered messages.

Message Types and Cut-off control notification

  • Text message
  • Text message with a URL
  • Message Template
  • Media message

Cut-off Control

  • Regular text messages or media messages can only be delivered, with-in 24 hours after last time customer sent a message to your business.
  • The Template Messages used in whatsapp messanger do not have this restriction, and should be the preferred way of reaching a customer.

We Bring You the Official Whatspp Business API

We deliver a bot platform that develops and enables chatbots across industries to to consumer intent. Whatsapp Messanger is the most preferred mode of conversations to engage with customers than connecting with them.

Consumer Promotion:

Our company Globe Communication build the API which is intended for customer service or transactional messaging only. Now there is a facility of sending promotional message to customers, you can send your product promotional detail among the customers who are interested relevant to the industry.

Product Registration

Choosing the right platform is crucial for the promotion, but whatsapp is the best one. If any of your customers see your product then he just open the whtsapp in his phone and scan the QR-code on packaging or warranty card and register products.

Lead Generation

By using whatsapp messenger we focus on cultivating potential customers for your business, offers, provide support, share valuable content and so forth. It is one of the most popular messaging app that’ why customers feel comfortable and in control. You can generate new contacts and new sales opportunities by sending them your business promotional message.

Product Discovery

On business api you can deliver rich multimedia product information and demos to enhance product discovery and evaluation. This can boost your business engagement with customers.


Customer Service

We provide customer service channel and lower support with our whatsapp API through self service and human support. So you can complete your business promotion in a free-mind and secure manner.

Whatsapp Commerce

We provide whatsapp commerce service to sale products online by using the image of product for recognition, QR code and product card with whatsapp P2M payments.

Payment Collection

We use UPI 2.0 features inside WhatsApp Messenger to collect payments for products and services sold online.

Partner Engagement

Your online business get facilitate by engaging with Trade and employees through pull and push based communication and self service on Whatsapp business Messenger.