Virtual mobile Number


Virtual mobile Number Services

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner then a virtual mobile phone number will allow you to market yourself, no matter where you are physically located and in any location, you want this service. Our virtual mobile number service India gives you a toll-free number that can forward calls to multiple locations and devices. Best of all clients’ calls can be forwarded to your mobile number so you never miss an important call. You can market your brand name however you like at no additional cost.

If you are a start-up or small business and you are in search of your next customer, you can handle a client call if he makes a call to you on your mobile phone whether you are in the office, home, or anywhere else. If you are a website owner, you can place your virtual number on your website header or in the signature of your business email. This can give your website a new hike because a virtual number shows the trust of visitors. If you want marketing of your brand name then our virtual mobile number by providing your customers with a local phone number and you allow them to call you worrying about being charged with call. Our virtual mobile number gives you an add-on service of custom caller ID, call forwarding, and call recording, Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Features of Virtual mobile Number

Call recording

You can record the call of your customer and monitor them also as per your convenience. However, this will also help you to know more about your customer's interests.

Call reporting

Our virtual mobile number gives you real-time data of your make and receives a call such as auto dialling, call recording, and call forwarding.

Parallel ringing

Parallel ringing enables the business to redirect the incoming call to all agents at the same time and after one of the agents attends the call, it stops ringing.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding service helps you to forward any incoming calls to an alternate number which is enabled, disable, and customize. You can set a call forward service as per convenient.

Grow business

You can grow your business with our various services like toll-free number, bulk SMS service, bulk email service, virtual mobile number, WhatsApp business API service. All these services are for business growth, you just need to select anyone at Glob Communication and we will help you with our best price quote.

Increase productivity

For instance response time your customers like your business more no matter you are the best than others or not. By using a virtual number you can add multiple users at the same time and a satisfied customer comes back to your business and makes your brand more productive.


Interactive voice response helps customers to contact the right person after making a call. This will gives the facility of virtual assistance to select the right person.

Deep Analytics

In the deep analysis process for data mining, you will find large amounts of data in a form that is useful and beneficial for new applications.


You can customize your virtual mobile number from simple to complex phone answering including automated call handling projects such as customer satisfaction surveys.

Smart call routing

You can route your customers call simultaneously, sequentially, or round-robin. This can help customers to talk with the right person related to his problem.

Maximize ROI

Landline formatted Virtual Number creates a local presence and toll-free numbers create a national presence of your business that maximize the reach of your business productivity and providing flexibility to track and analyze which channel worked best comprehending the ROI.

Call queuing

You can route your customers call simultaneously, sequentially, or round-robin. This can help customers to talk with the right person related to his problem.

Benefits of our Virtual Number

Whether there are a lot of benefits of using the virtual number, which can boost your business growth by visitors coming and show that your business is trustworthy. Here are few best advantages of our virtual numbers:

Increase business marketing efforts

This virtual number provides better to make an ad campaign for your business. In this service the ability to track where the most successful leads are coming from. In the comparison of offline, online advertising is more efficient or productive and you can target your marketing to spend more efficiently.

Drive business leads

Our bilingual sales agents specialize in the sales process and customer service. They can engage in a pre-sale activity, enable the first contact with new leads, and provide customer service. The more your business problem short-out the more you get leads relevant to your product or service provided.

Boost customer & sales leads

By increasing conversation with customers by showing a local number close to your customers on your website. Customers trust local number calls in case any problem arises. and our virtual assistant will help your clients through a local number calling and it will help to increase sales lead.