Toll Free Number


Toll Free Number Service

Get a professional toll free number that provide your customers with a free of cost communication channel. Give the credibility to your business which it deserve, and claim your toll free number at Glob Communication with high voice quality to enhance Customer Satisfaction. A toll free number is professional and easy to remember by your customers and this will make your business a brand.With an 1800 toll free number, your customers call you and they didn’t pay any money for that call, you are the pay.

The toll free number pattern is easy to remember, providing 24*7 customers support service is easy with toll free number. If you are much far away from your office and unable to attend the call, this number help customers to call you through call transferring service on your personal mobile number without sharing your personal number. This facility also helps you to connect with customers irrespective of their physical presence. If you want to relocate your business, toll free number service is provide the same number at every new location. Integrate your number with IVR service that take your business efficiently to the next level and maximises your capability to handle a large volume of calls. If you think about to buy toll free number visits Glob Communication or fill the form, if you have your KYC document then the total process of it is not more than 5 minutes.

Who can use Toll-Free Numbers

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Institutions
  • Educational
  • NGO
  • Entertainment
  • Tour & Travels

Features Of Toll-free Number Service

Benefits of Toll free number

A base for business scalability

With toll free number solutions you can ease to quickly scale your communication channels as per your needs. Your customers never ignored, neither kept on waiting for their calls to be received by our toll free number system.

Caring brand image

Customers are highly likely to retain your number when it’s easy to memorise, with our easy to remember toll free number pattern such as 1800, enhance your brand visibility among your customers.

Better customer retention

A toll free number is usually easier to remember than a series of numbers and it is a better choice if your goal is marketing on call or to attend your customers call, if it is easy to remember the customers’ retention about your business is improve.


Sell 30% more with toll free number

Customers prefer to call business with a toll free number and it is easy to remember. And IVR system helps them to sort out their problem by virtual assistance that changes the retention of customers about your business and next time they follow your business.

Boost your employees' productivity

Toll free number also boosts your employee productivity due to the IVR, and virtual assistance help customers to resolve their problem without disturbing your employees. By the help of virtual assistance a customer can connect to the desire person and remaining are free.

No tring-tring - Welcome greetings!

Your customer listen a welcome greeting message place of boring tring-tring. This greeting message helps them to select the best person who sorts out their queries. This process also increase the productivity of your employee

Top 4 advantages of using toll free numbers

  • Better brand identity

    A toll free number is easy to remember and customers feel comfort to call a toll free number. They not only associate with number but also with your brand.

  • Enhanced customer experience

    With toll free number customers experience with your business is better, due to the connectivity of the desire person related to their query and solution in a short interval.

  • Measurable marketing

    Apart from the online ads or print ads, toll free number gives better ROI. You are one step ahead by using 1800 – toll free number.

  • Better analysis

    All your customers call are in record and track that show you the calling patter and trends. This can boost your business to choose the right marketing trend.