Virtual Receptionist


Virtual Receptionist IVR

Virtual Receptionist IVR system basically starts in 2013in India, not it has broad service area. Or company Glob Communication is one of them and providing IVR service all over India. An IVR system, which only require a computer system which hooked-up with a telephone line with a telephony board and few inexpensive IVR software. Virtual assistance software allow you to pre-record greeting/menu option that can be selected by a caller from his telephone keypad.

Our virtual receptionist service is equipped with the advanced features and smart IVR system which helps connect customers to the right department automatically. It let you provide your customer and answer their needs 24*7 without human intervention. By using our IVR service you can track and monitor customers call and provide a superior customer experience & increase brand loyalty.

Features of IVR Services

IVR System Application

Health Care

Identify and route every customer call to the best suited agent to increase patient satisfaction.

Tour & Travels

IVR can notify your customers of your latest update or pricing in real-time, and you can transfer the call to specific person.


You can notify your customers with your latest scheme for loan, fraud notification, deposit confirmation, overdraft notification, etc.

Customer Service

You can save your customers time by enhancing customers experience that empower agent to perform their best.



An extension number facilitate student to contact direct department through virtual number and save time of both.


Extend the scope of the advertisement, you can provide event information through reminders and alerts.

Call Center

This can improve customer support team performance and create great customer experiences and gives you complete control over your customer support channels.

IT Services

Used to notify every employee of the recent notification festival etc any-time without interrupting their time and work.


The different hotel activity completed with the automated system in a engaging way by IVR system with 100% satisfactory customer service

Why Glob Communication is Best for Your Business

  • Installation cost

    Glob Communication company charges a minimal amount to install a IVR system for your business and you can enjoy our clod service.

  • Integrate easily

    Using our APIs you can easily integrate your CRM easily to save customers data including recording detail, caller specification, and location.

  • Best-in-class features

    You will get a lot of features in IVR system like blacklist number, SMS alert, download call detail records, transfer call based on language setup and much more for your business.

  • In-depth Analysis

    Global Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system collect the customers data and with easy tracking system it help us to manage all the works efficiently.